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The DomainTools API is organized into distinct products with queries that follow a RESTful URL structure wherever possible. Each product offers free, un-authenticated access for the sample URLs listed with each product. If you haven’t already, you may want to review the getting started document to learn about authentication and response formats.

Contact [email protected] for more details and access to Domain Risk Score.


Reputation Parameters

Input domain for which the risk score is desired. Note that if you provide a hostname (e.g. www.domaintools.com) rather than a domain (e.g. domaintools.com) we will attempt to return the risk score for the domain, and the domain we used to lookup the risk score will always be returned in the response.
include_reasonsReturn a list of reasons for the risk score determination. Valid values are true or false.

Sample Response

    response: {
      domain: 'domaintools.com',
      risk_score: 21.13,
      reasons: ['registrant']

The risk_score returned ranges from 0 (least risk) to 100 (known risk). The reasons array can contain the responses ‘blocklist’, ‘dns’, ‘realtime’, ‘registrant’, or ‘zerolist’.

You must provide your API credentials to use this API.

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