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DomainTools and Farsight Security: Better Together

A Fireside Chat with Tim Chen and Paul Vixie

Recently, DomainTools announced that it has formally joined forces with Farsight Security. The move has generated a lot of interest in the infosec community, with many asking what the combined company might plan to accomplish in the months and years to come. To help answer some of those, DomainTools will host a conversation with CEO Tim Chen and Farsight Security founder Dr. Paul Vixie, featuring their answers to your questions. While the questions are up to you, the audience, we expect Tim and Paul to cover topic such as:

  • What led the companies to merge?
  • What are Tim and Paul most excited about?
  • What kinds of capabilities will the merged company put in the hands of defenders?

But the real way to find out what’s going to be discussed is to submit a question! We’re soliciting your questions via our Google Form (all submissions will remain anonymous). While we can’t promise that every question will be addressed “on the air,” we will get to as many as possible. We hope you can join us.