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By now you are likely pretty familiar with our quarterly spotlight on a DomainTools employee. Last quarter, I shared some fun information about our resident prankster, Huy Son. I feel compelled to share an update on his ping pong ranking, as he has surpassed us all once again and reclaimed the number one position. I’m plotting my ranking revenge as I write this very post. In other news, I am pleased to introduce our next feature on DomainTools’ sales engineer, Helen Johnson.

Helen has a unique story when it comes to her path to becoming a sales engineer at DomainTools. In fact, her initial degree was a major in English with a writing emphasis (I’ll do my best to woo you with my grammar, Helen). Furthermore, Helen is a crafting aficionado, and spent some time after school working the craft fair circuit. I have a feeling she was more than “sew-sew” when it comes to dealing with fabric. Helen’s interest was piqued, however, when her brother started an ISP from his bedroom back in the 90’s. His description of the inner workings of ISPs clicked for Helen, so much so that she decided to go back to school to learn more. A few University of Washington extension courses in, Helen was up and running at a job in a network operations center. Here, she focused on ensuring 911 locations were properly triangulated between cell towers. This included monitoring circuits, managing alerts, and making sure nothing was on fire. Although this job was very stressful, Helen found it both challenging and rewarding.

This experience lead to jobs at a local ISP as a provisioning engineer, working with SSL VPN providers, solutions engineer (at F5 Networks), and finally before her current position at DomainTools, she was a Technical Account Manager at EMC. Helen’s instinct and passion for technology has led her to our organization, which myself and the go-to-market team are more than thankful for.

While there is quite a bit of dust involved with sewing, Helen still really enjoys crafting, primarily baby blankets and garments. A big animal person, Helen has spent a lot of time volunteering at a local shelter called Friends of the Animals and Next to Nature. Finally, she loves traveling, whether it is a local road trip, Paris, or a yarn tour of New York City, Helen is up for anything.

All of us feel very lucky to have Helen on the DomainTools squad. I’m looking forward to sharing more fun DomainTools stories as our series continues. If you are Interested in joining our team, check our job listings or enjoy this fantastic video about life at DomainTools.